The Goon - Issue 2
Release Date
Aug. 1, 2003
Creator, Writer
Eric Powell
Penciler, Inker
Eric Powell
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Issue 2 is part 2 of Volume 2: My Murderous Childhood (And Other Grievous Yarns).


Get your daily recommended allowance of giant killer robots, mad scientists, zombies, voodoo priests, decapitations, and midgets! It's everything a growing boy needs. Be there this August as Dark Horse Comics presents issue #2 of Eric Powell's, The Goon! It's more fun than a knife to the eye! The Goon battles a family of grave robbers eager to supply the Zombie Priest with fixin's for his army of the dead. Things get bad for everyone when they wind up in Hobo Jungle: A forest where the destitute have given up train hopping for a feral life of cannibalism in the wild. Will the Goon and his enemies end up in a hobo stew?

Zombies provided by Jethro and Earl Zombie Wranglerin' and The Adopt-A-Zombie Foundation.

Plot SynopsisEdit