Created by Eric Powell
Gender Male
Family None
Occupation Mob enforcer
First Appearance
Voiced by Paul Giamatti

Franky is one of the main protagonists in The Goon comic book series. He is The Goon's friend and right-hand man.



Franky was a shy child constantly overdressed by a slightly abusive and apparently a bit deranged mother. As a result he got constantly mocked and beaten up by older kids. Fortunatlely for him he met the young Goon during one of those beat up sessions. The goon quickly dispatches the bullying kids and tells Franky that not being a victim is a choice.

Later on the both of them get cornered by the very first zombies in town , and The Goon being held down by a group of them, Franky literally has an epiphany when he hits the zombie in front him with an axe despite the fear paralyzing him. At this precise moment he realizes how much he loves violence and massacring zombies. In a burst of fury he cuts the remaining zombies to pieces and the real Franky is born.

The tale of his youth ends on a picture of him walking along with the Goon on the street in a very bold way, ready to take care of their newly founded "business".


Franky is most easily categorized as a psychopath. His lack of respect for human life and penchant for immediately resorting to violence combined with his unwavering loyalty established him as the Goons primary associate and closest friend. Franky is also a degenerate womanizer and is constantly chasing after loose woman.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Franky is nowhere near the Goon's level in combat prowess, but he has proven himself useful many times, if nothing else than to watch the Goon's back and act as another set of hands. His weapon of choice is a switch-blade that he often uses while saying his catchphrase "Knife to the eye!".


  • He has been known to break the fourth wall, specifically in one issue where he finds a copy of a Goon comic and complains about the way he is portrayed in it.